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Case Summary

In this Litigation, In re: IKO Roofing Shingle Products Liability Litigation, MDL Docket No. 2104, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois, the Named Plaintiffs (representatives of owners of buildings on which IKO organic asphalt roofing shingles (the “Shingles”) were installed) alleged that the Shingles were defective or failed to perform as promised.  The IKO Defendants deny these allegations. In 2018, the IKO Defendants and the Named Plaintiffs reached a proposed class action settlement to resolve this dispute, subject to the Court’s approval.

In summary, if this settlement is approved, then the IKO Defendants will:

To see if you are eligible for the benefits under this settlement, you must first know if you are a Settlement Class Member.  You are a Settlement Class Member if:

As of October 3, 2018, you own or owned a home, building, or other structure located in the United States upon which the Shingles were installed.

You are not a Settlement Class Member, however, if you signed a goodwill release after submitting a warranty claim to IKO, unless the warranty claim was for Shingles on less than the whole roof and IKO made a settlement payment for less than the whole roof. The Court in charge of this case has not yet decided whether to approve the settlement.  No benefits of the settlement will be available to Settlement Class Members until after the Court approves the settlement and any possible appeals are resolved. 

The Court will hold a Final Approval Hearing, at 9:00 a.m. on March 13, 2019, at United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois, 204 U.S. Courthouse, 100 N.E. Monroe Street, Peoria, IL  61602. You may, but need not, enter an appearance at the hearing through your own counsel at your own expense. For instructions on appearing at the Final Approval Hearing, see here.




You do not have to take any action now to remain part of the Litigation, and you will be entitled to the benefits of the settlement.  You will be bound by the settlement and may not bring a separate action against the IKO Defendants or other released persons regarding these claims.    



Write to the Court if you do not like the settlement.  

FEBRUARY 15, 2019


If you submit an objection, you may also speak at the hearing about your objection. The deadline for filing paperwork to appear at the hearing is:   

FEBRUARY 15, 2019


Exclude yourself from this settlement.  You are not entitled to recover anything from this settlement if you exclude yourself.  If you exclude yourself, then you can bring your own lawsuit against the IKO Defendants.  

FEBRUARY 20, 2019

Further information about this Litigation and related settlement is available in the long form Notice Of Proposed Settlement In Class Action, the Agreement Of Compromise And Settlement (“Settlement Agreement”), and other documents, available here.